Sunday, December 30, 2012

Am I required to report it if I am bitten by a dog?

Q. My dog got into a fight with my friend's boyfriend's dog. When I tried to separate them, his dog bit my hand. I know it was an accident, even though the dog meant to bite my dog. It happened last night and I haven't gone to the Dr. because I don't know if they will make me report it. I have had a tetanus shot in the past few years, but it looks like it might be getting infected. Will I be forced to report it if I go?

A. Call ahead and ask - but even if you do, that is no reason to defer needed medical treatment. Infections can get ugly. If you need a doctor, go.

Good luck!

Can Animal Control take my dog if she has been reported once but bitten people more than once?
Q. please i am really worried they will take her.

A. Yes they can. It will vary by state and county though. One of my dogs got out of my yard and killed an unattened puppy in a neighbor's yard. He was a rescued greyhound and had a very high prey drive but was fine with my cats inside the house. Animal control deemed him a vicious animal and they had to euthanize him. That was after he killed a dog, I'm sure it would have been considerably worse had he bitten a person.

My nephew was bitten by his dog and his parents wont take him to the doctor! should i report them?
Q. my nephew is 4 and this is not the first time the dog has bitten him.

A. It depends.....

Was the dog a puppy & it was a play bite? The child is too young to know how to act safely around a dog & should be supervised by a responsible adult. A young child may unintentionally hurt a dog, which is why a crate is a good idea if the child & dog cannot be supervised.

If the bites were serious & required medical attention that the parents failed to provide, then yes call anonymously and report them.

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