Friday, December 7, 2012

How and to who, do I report a dog bite?

Q. A dog decided to bite me at the weekend, which left me with only minor injuries but some pain.

Does anyone know who I report the matter to in England to prevent this from happening again? My injuries were not severe, but if it was a toddler or small child the outcome could have been much worse.

Thanks in Advance.

A. The police record and investigate alleged dog bites in England, so report the bite to your local police station.

What breed of dog has the most reported dog bites every year?

A. The top dog bites every year are Labs and Cocker Spaniels.

The people who say pit bulls have no clue what they're talking about..

The media is full of crap. Most statistics only say "pit bull types" because "pit bull" is not a breed. And lets not forget, that there are over 25+ different breeds that have the characteristics of a pit bull. But none of them make the cut.

Most diluted dilts don't even know what a real pit bull looks like nor probably ever will because there are soo many breeds that look like a "pit bull".

Any dog can kill anybody. People who are dumb enough to say " Pits kill people", are certainly the ones that don't even know what there talking about. Whether it be a newspaper or a statistic, all of them are not based on truth. Just what they've heard from the media.

How do I go to the urgent care with a dog bite & not report the dog or the incident?
Q. I got bite by a dog on accident and have known the dog for a long time. I need to get a couple of stitches but I don't want to report the dog.... What injuries are similar to a dog bite on only a middle finger?

A. Say that it was your friends dog. It was excitedly eating a piece of steak that your friend gave it as part of pre-christmas celebrations. You were conversing with your friend in the kitchen. The dog was eating between you and your friend/relative/unknown person/ whoever you want. You dropped your car keys and the dog snipped at you as you bent down to recover your keys thinking you were taking his cherished piece of medium quality steak.

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