Friday, December 7, 2012

If a dogs bites someone,injury a dog,or kills any small animal does it get put done?

Q. I have a essay due soon about someone who is important and changed the world. I have picked about Steve Markwell but anyway is it that if a dog bits, injury, or kills a dog do they get out to sleep?
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A. Depends on the laws of the area where the dog bite/attack took place. Also depends on how the laws views such things

Dog on dog attacks are rarely seen the same way as dog on person.
Small animals? Unless they were livestock no one cares

Many places don't put a dog down after one bite. There's also the matter of what led to the person being bit. Was it a random attack? Where they doing something illegal on the owner's property? Things like that.

what happen if my pet dog bites me or give me a nail injury?
Q. does i need vaccination even if dog is vaccinated , is it same as a street dog bites me , is it poisons and harms my health.

A. yous don'ts needs an vaccination, yous needs an edumacation

Can someone sue for injuries sustained when frightened by a dog even if the dog didn't bite?
Q. A dog charges and you run to escape an attack. In the process you trip and break something.
You are on your own property and a dog comes from across the street in a full charge directly at you. You have no way of defending yourself and you don't know this dog. You turn to escape and trip and break your arm.
Normally you would not run but your front door is 30 feet behind you and you choose to try ant get to it rather than be attacked.

A. Say an out of control dog in a park ran up at high speed to a jogger and caused them to swerve and fall, then I guess the dog's owner could be sued. Would depend on the byelaws detailing what "out of control" meant and if the jogger was reckless in running where dogs are loose.

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