Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is there any pet insurance that covers a pre existing condition???


A. I don't KNOW the answer but I would be very surprised if there was. I can't see a company insuring an animal with a condition already existing. It wouldn't make sense. DB

Which Pet Insurance Company covers pre existing conditions?
Q. My eight month old lab has a skirt of skin around her uretha. i use daily appliation of Animx to prevent infection. The condition predicts extensive vet bills in the years to come. Help?
Cameo...i'm not trying to defraud...I'm asking if the is an Insurance company that ALLOWS treatment of pre-existing conditions. Your information about the vet schools is most helpful.:)
The "Smiley Face" surgery totals $1,500 without complications...

A. When I applied to a pet insurance company, and sent in copies of all my vet bills because she was a rescue dog...the insurance company denied coverage of a urinary tract problem that my dog had. The insurance company said they would cover my dog for it, IF she was not treated for anything that had to do with the urinary tract for 1 year after my policy went into effect. I cancelled the insurance. Sounds like this will be an ongoing problem, and treated on a regular basis. So, my answer is no insurance company will cover that pre existing condition, sorry to say.

if my pet has a pre-existing condition, is there a way to sign him up for pet insurance so i can afford it?
Q. we found out he has a genetic knee problem, but the only cure for it is surgery (thousands). we're only in our twenties and dont have that kind of money to spare. any advice is good thx

A. I don't think they will let you sign up for insurance. My dog has epilepsy and they won't cover him because of that. But the only real way to know is to call and talk to them about it.

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