Monday, January 7, 2013

Can you give a dog the antibiotic Minocycline for ear infections?

Q. I realize it is a drug mainly used for acne on humans, but I have also heard that it can treat ear infections in dogs. If anybody knows if this is accurate please let me know. Thanks!

A. I would ask my vet this question. One of the things you don't know is the correct dosage, or duration of dosage for the weight of your dog. It's used for a lot of different things, but only a vet can safely prescribe the amount needed. Check the official site below (scroll down to "Indications and Usage for Minocycline").

Misuse of antibiotics is one of the major reasons for the appearance and prevalence of MRSA. I now have 3 family members who suffer with this. Please consult with your vet. I have successfully used Prednisone to treat a spinal injury on one of my dogs, but I did it with my vet's dosage recommendation and supervision.

My Dogs Ears are clogged with antibiotics?
Q. My Labordor retrever has always had bad ears but latley its been worse. A week ago we put antibiotic the vet gave us and it got glogged in his ear canal. When we rub his ears u can ea the fluid in their and it makes a woosh woosh sound. Can anyone help me were trying to avoid going to the vets becasue it is so expensive.

A. keep massaging the ear. you should be able to receive a followup visit since the vet just saw him a week ago.. there shouldn't be an expensive charge for a recheck

Is there any over the counter antibiotic that I can use to get rid of my dogs yeast infection in his ears?
Q. I can't afford a vet right now .

A. don't know about the antibiotic's but if you keep the ears dry and apply some Camphor oil 1 or 2 times daily it works on rabbits, why not canines?

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

what is the difference of an abscess and a mast cell tumor? (in dogs)?

Q. thanks in advance

A. Mastcell tumor- growth or lump of mast cells (a type of white blood cell). Mast cell tumors can involve the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscle tissue. Also called mastocytoma. Cancer

Abscess An enclosed collection of pus in tissues, organs, or confined spaces in the body. An abscess is a sign of infection and is usually swollen and inflamed.

How much does treatment for anal abscess in a dog cost?
Q. My Jack Russell's rear end (next to the anus) is leaking a dark red/brown liquid. I looked it up online and I think it's a (ruptured) anal abscess. None of my pets have ever had this before; I plan to take her to the vet tomorrow morning.

I was just wondering for those who have had this happened to their pet - is surgery necessary? I know that the abscess must be drained and antibiotics are probably necessary... Does any one know how much all this would cost? (ballpark figure for checkup and treatment/surgery if necessary)

Thanks for your help.

A. probably just needs her anal glands cleaned out. It's pretty simple. My vet offered to show me how to do it, and i said no thanks! Basically they just squeeze the excess crap out like squeezing a huge zit just inside the dogs anus, with latex gloves on of course, and wow does it smell bad!

Retrobulbar Abscess in 2 1/2 year old dog?
Q. Early in December, I noticed swelling in one of my Miniature Aussie's eyes as well as some drainage and that he seemed to be in pain when opening his mouth. We went to the vet and by that time the swelling in the eye was gone. He was sedated and the vet informed me that his right tonsil appeared swollen so he prescribed Cephalexen. He continued to eat normally and act more normal. By the time he finished his medication, it seemed like everything was fine. About 3 weeks after finishing the medication, I noticed swelling in the same eye again. We went back to the vet and he was prescribed Amoxicillin and Baytril. During the visit, the vet mentioned that he could have retrobulbar abscess, but he seemed hopeful that the medication would correct the issue. Within a couple of days, the swelling was gone again and over the following 10 days I noticed some drainage from the eye. He just finished the second round of medication and appears to still be pained by opening his mouth. I was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with retrobulbar abscess, what worked for treatment, and what the overall cost was? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just want to find out what the real issue is and have it corrected. Thanks!

A. I would asked your vet about a carnassial tooth root abscess. They can appear as a swelling near the eye which can go away with antibiotics, but will come back. The most common course of treatment is removal of the tooth unless you can find a vet who will do a root canal.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Am I required to report it if I am bitten by a dog?

Q. My dog got into a fight with my friend's boyfriend's dog. When I tried to separate them, his dog bit my hand. I know it was an accident, even though the dog meant to bite my dog. It happened last night and I haven't gone to the Dr. because I don't know if they will make me report it. I have had a tetanus shot in the past few years, but it looks like it might be getting infected. Will I be forced to report it if I go?

A. Call ahead and ask - but even if you do, that is no reason to defer needed medical treatment. Infections can get ugly. If you need a doctor, go.

Good luck!

Can Animal Control take my dog if she has been reported once but bitten people more than once?
Q. please i am really worried they will take her.

A. Yes they can. It will vary by state and county though. One of my dogs got out of my yard and killed an unattened puppy in a neighbor's yard. He was a rescued greyhound and had a very high prey drive but was fine with my cats inside the house. Animal control deemed him a vicious animal and they had to euthanize him. That was after he killed a dog, I'm sure it would have been considerably worse had he bitten a person.

My nephew was bitten by his dog and his parents wont take him to the doctor! should i report them?
Q. my nephew is 4 and this is not the first time the dog has bitten him.

A. It depends.....

Was the dog a puppy & it was a play bite? The child is too young to know how to act safely around a dog & should be supervised by a responsible adult. A young child may unintentionally hurt a dog, which is why a crate is a good idea if the child & dog cannot be supervised.

If the bites were serious & required medical attention that the parents failed to provide, then yes call anonymously and report them.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Why when a cat bites or scratches it is ok and the cat doesn't get punished but when a dog bites it is not ok?

Q. and the dog gets punished?Isn't that speciasm?
It is your fault dogs have owners but cats have staff?
When a cat scratches or bites me I put their face down of the floor and push them down hard or slam their bodies on the floor.
I squeeze the scruff of their neck or skin.
I will not let a small weak cat walk all over me.
Oh cats can't be trained and do what they want to do.
I am sick of those excuses and stereotypes about ctas.

A. You cannot punish a cat the same way you do a dog. They interpret what you do to them differently--a cat will take harsh behavior as a threat rather than punishment for something they've done. Slamming your cat to the floor will only make him more distrustful of you because he doesn't connect his biting/scratching to being slammed to the floor. When our young cats bite or scratch, we immediately break up contact of any kind with them and shun them for a while--we ignor the cat. And because it is still young and wants to play, it begins to figure out that whenever it bites or scratches it suddenly gets ignored. Yea, it can be a long process depending on how quickly your cat connects things (our female cat is VERY good at learning because she is very good at figuring out what we want). If you can hiss and then ignor the kitten, all the better because that is what adult cats would do with kitten--give them a warning hiss, maybe pull back their paw like they are about to hit the kitten, then turn and walk away and not have anything more to do with the kitten. Since a kitten who has spent his first 8-10 weeks with his mom, an adult cat, it has learned that when it does something undesireable mom hisses at it and walks away so the kitten already knows what those things mean. A mother cat will NOT grab it by the scruff--mother cats only do that when they are moving their litter so the it won't make any sense to a kitten. And by the time our cats are grown they have learned what a firm "no" means. Humans like to think they are smarter then a cat but they sure don't show it by out thinking cats. If you'd spend a little time studying cats, you'd see how they react. Physical abuse as punishment doesn't work; but rewarding them with kindness does. Also keeping your cat's claws trimmed at all times will help--and trimming his claws ought to be a weekly hygiene practice which you start in kittenhood.

Why is it that cat bites hurt more than dog bites?
Q. i've gotten nipped by both (neither broke the skin) in the past. but can someone explain?

and i have no idea what section to put this in >.<
oh no, this isn't happening all the time! i've only gotten nipped by my puppies (teething i suppose) and my friend's cat is mean and bites everyone >.< i was watching animal planet about how many pounds of force some animals can bite with an i got curious.

A. i don't know but having been bitten by both (when working in the PDSA - as a veterinary assistant) i so agree - one theory is that if a cat loses it's temper it bites and 'locks on' using it's body weight to drag down, whereas most dogs wil try changing grip, whatever way it is cat bites are worse than dogs for certain.

how come cats and dogs bite their own tails?
Q. how come they chase them in circles and cats act like they dont have a clue there attached to them? its funny.

A. there hungry.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Is there any pet insurance that covers a pre existing condition???


A. I don't KNOW the answer but I would be very surprised if there was. I can't see a company insuring an animal with a condition already existing. It wouldn't make sense. DB

Which Pet Insurance Company covers pre existing conditions?
Q. My eight month old lab has a skirt of skin around her uretha. i use daily appliation of Animx to prevent infection. The condition predicts extensive vet bills in the years to come. Help?
Cameo...i'm not trying to defraud...I'm asking if the is an Insurance company that ALLOWS treatment of pre-existing conditions. Your information about the vet schools is most helpful.:)
The "Smiley Face" surgery totals $1,500 without complications...

A. When I applied to a pet insurance company, and sent in copies of all my vet bills because she was a rescue dog...the insurance company denied coverage of a urinary tract problem that my dog had. The insurance company said they would cover my dog for it, IF she was not treated for anything that had to do with the urinary tract for 1 year after my policy went into effect. I cancelled the insurance. Sounds like this will be an ongoing problem, and treated on a regular basis. So, my answer is no insurance company will cover that pre existing condition, sorry to say.

if my pet has a pre-existing condition, is there a way to sign him up for pet insurance so i can afford it?
Q. we found out he has a genetic knee problem, but the only cure for it is surgery (thousands). we're only in our twenties and dont have that kind of money to spare. any advice is good thx

A. I don't think they will let you sign up for insurance. My dog has epilepsy and they won't cover him because of that. But the only real way to know is to call and talk to them about it.

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

can black widow spider bites affect dogs the same as people?


A. yep!

how do i cure black widow bites on my dog?

A. Get that dog to a vet NOW. Don't mess around with black widows.

con my dog die from a black widow spider bite?

A. These are nothing to mess with,your vet may need to keep your dog for observation,as this can be deadly if not tended to immediately and can kill the tissue down to the bone.With good care from your vet and some prayers your dog will hopefully make a full recovery.Please go now,time is of the essence..

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Is it too late for me to get a shot from a dog bite that happened about 10 years ago?

Q. I was bitten by a dog on my foot when I was about 9 or 10 years old (about 10 years ago). I lied to my mother that I had something dropped on my foot (don't ask me why). I didn't know at that time that I was supposed to get a shot.

The scar was very small since I was wearing sneakers, but it was bleeding.

Should I be worried? Should I still get a shot?

A. You should have gotten a rabbies shot or had the dog tested a long time ago. If you haven't shown signs of rabbies, you're fine and there's not much you can do now

Bitten by a dog, can't get to doc's for two days, tetanus shot?
Q. I was bitten by a cranky old dog today, just one little bloody puncture hole. I thought I should get a tetanus shot since I haven't had one in 8 years, but I can't get to the doctor's until Monday. Is that too late to get a tetanus shot?

A. Why can't you see a doctor til Monday?

You probably don't need to go to an ER, but if there was an urgent care facility (Around here we have a chain called ASAP Medical) or an outpatient clinic attached to a hospital to either of those facilities would happily give you a shot.

My doctor's office has an answering service that will contact my doctor or one of the partners in her practice, whoever is on call that day, to answer a question.

You can probably call the hospital ER and ask to have a nurse answer your question, too.

I would not go to an er, because you will sit and wait until everybody else has been taken care of. A puncture wound will be triaged and be treated after the car accidents, stabbing victims from last evenings bar fights, people with unexplained head pain, possible heart attacks and strokes, crying children with ear infections, broken limbs, (life threatening condition, actually, because the broken bone can sever an artery). You will see the doc about the same time as the constipated little old man in the waiting room.

Call your doctor's number anyway and see what happens. I'll bet you get an answer from someone, one way or the other. There is a time limit after which the shot is not so effective, but I'm not a doctor.

Do I need a tetanus shot for a dog bite?

A. Contact your doctor if it actually broke the skin. You may need a tetanus shot, and also there might be other things that need to be tested for. Check out and look up animal bites.

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