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Why when a cat bites or scratches it is ok and the cat doesn't get punished but when a dog bites it is not ok?

Q. and the dog gets punished?Isn't that speciasm?
It is your fault dogs have owners but cats have staff?
When a cat scratches or bites me I put their face down of the floor and push them down hard or slam their bodies on the floor.
I squeeze the scruff of their neck or skin.
I will not let a small weak cat walk all over me.
Oh cats can't be trained and do what they want to do.
I am sick of those excuses and stereotypes about ctas.

A. You cannot punish a cat the same way you do a dog. They interpret what you do to them differently--a cat will take harsh behavior as a threat rather than punishment for something they've done. Slamming your cat to the floor will only make him more distrustful of you because he doesn't connect his biting/scratching to being slammed to the floor. When our young cats bite or scratch, we immediately break up contact of any kind with them and shun them for a while--we ignor the cat. And because it is still young and wants to play, it begins to figure out that whenever it bites or scratches it suddenly gets ignored. Yea, it can be a long process depending on how quickly your cat connects things (our female cat is VERY good at learning because she is very good at figuring out what we want). If you can hiss and then ignor the kitten, all the better because that is what adult cats would do with kitten--give them a warning hiss, maybe pull back their paw like they are about to hit the kitten, then turn and walk away and not have anything more to do with the kitten. Since a kitten who has spent his first 8-10 weeks with his mom, an adult cat, it has learned that when it does something undesireable mom hisses at it and walks away so the kitten already knows what those things mean. A mother cat will NOT grab it by the scruff--mother cats only do that when they are moving their litter so the it won't make any sense to a kitten. And by the time our cats are grown they have learned what a firm "no" means. Humans like to think they are smarter then a cat but they sure don't show it by out thinking cats. If you'd spend a little time studying cats, you'd see how they react. Physical abuse as punishment doesn't work; but rewarding them with kindness does. Also keeping your cat's claws trimmed at all times will help--and trimming his claws ought to be a weekly hygiene practice which you start in kittenhood.

Why is it that cat bites hurt more than dog bites?
Q. i've gotten nipped by both (neither broke the skin) in the past. but can someone explain?

and i have no idea what section to put this in >.<
oh no, this isn't happening all the time! i've only gotten nipped by my puppies (teething i suppose) and my friend's cat is mean and bites everyone >.< i was watching animal planet about how many pounds of force some animals can bite with an i got curious.

A. i don't know but having been bitten by both (when working in the PDSA - as a veterinary assistant) i so agree - one theory is that if a cat loses it's temper it bites and 'locks on' using it's body weight to drag down, whereas most dogs wil try changing grip, whatever way it is cat bites are worse than dogs for certain.

how come cats and dogs bite their own tails?
Q. how come they chase them in circles and cats act like they dont have a clue there attached to them? its funny.

A. there hungry.

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