Friday, December 7, 2012

Do Australians loose cats and Dogs to Snake and Spider Bites?

Q. Here in Hawaii my Cats are my savior. We have a nasty cinti pede that gets into just about every hawaiian household a couple times a month. Thank god for my cats. But in Hawaii nothing is deadly to my animals.

I wonder about Australia having all those deadily bugs and snakes. Could some Good Assys tell me a little about this???

Thank you,, Just curious..

A. Yep. We often walk dogs (not so much cats) up in the bush if we live near one along any trails that we have, and dogs can get bitten by any sort of snake, bug or tick if your not really careful about where you are walking. Most people tend to walk on roads/parks/beaches though, we're not all bush obviously, and when we do there are usually well known trails which are quite wide so there are less animals within the immediate path area. Alot of people also live in farms with helper dogs so that's always risky to the animals, because there are wild animals around

There are alot of instances in backyards and stuff for people who live near bushland where snakes will crawl out, and other bugs too, and a dog will come up and sniff it and it will get bitten. It happens occasionally on the news where a dog will have killed a snake, but got bitten and been a hero to a small child also in the backyard.

there are alot of animals that are potentially deadly in Australia, and spiders are common household things that could easily bite and hurt people or animals.

Oh, and, if your interested, when we live more inland in Australia, we are at risk of wild dingo attacks on our sheep or cows, and even babies. there have been a few broadcasted instances of families camping and their babies being snatched by animals

By the way, its not "Assys", its Aussies.... some people could take offense.

How fast can a cat die from a black widow spider bite?
Q. My cat was playing with me ,then laying on my lap 2 hours prior to me finding him laying on the cement in the garage looking very peacful. He was 7 years old, healthy and full of the devil. I am in shock. I have no idea what happened. He had urinated but know foaming at the mouth. Looked like he was sleeping,I kept calling to him waiting for him to perk his ear up or wag his tail. He sometimes likes to ignor you like he is playing.

A. GET HIM TO A VET NOW!! HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN INTO POISON ! If he drank anti-freeze he could die REAL soon ! Take him NOW!!!!!!!!!

What is the percent chance that my cat will be bitten by a spider on his face?
Q. I'm just wondering how likely it is that a spider will bite my cat on the face?
I kill spiders in my apartment all the time and I worry about my cat while I'm gone.

I'm serious.

A. Your cat will kill the spider. the spider has more to worry about.

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