Friday, December 7, 2012

My dog got out while I was gone and my neighbors say he could've bitten a little girl?

Q. Im not sure if he bit her and I'm not sure if it was on my property or not. I don't even know who the girl is but I really don't want much trouble.
I don't know who the girl was, should I go looking for her?

A. Well, find out what happened. If anyone told me my dog "could've bitten a little girl", I'd keep asking questions until I found out what happened.

And if it's a small child, it doesn't matter if it was on your property or not. As the dog's owner, you are responsible.

Find out who she is, talk to her parents about any injury she might have. If she did get bitten, your best option is to be pro-active (show concern, pay any doctor bills, etc.) It doesn't matter whether you want trouble or not, it will come looking for you if you ignore the situation.

in what movies does dog bites girls butts?
Q. in what movies does dogs bite girls butts?

A. porn?

Is it okay to break up with a girl if her dog bites you?

A. no that is a stupid reason to break up with a girl

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