Friday, December 7, 2012

I have a lot of dog bites. Is taking a shower a good form of treatment?


A. If someone stabs you in the chest with a knife is a shower good treatment?

is there any possibilitie 4 sum1 2 hv rabbies after a dog bite n stay more dan 2yrs withot treatment?

A. In humans, rabies has an incubation period lasting several weeks to months (1 to 3 months), but can ranges from days to years.

So the likelihood that you would have been exposed to rabies and not exhibited symptoms would be extremely rare.

Has anyone had a dog with chigger bites? Is there a treatment? What were the symptoms?

A. my dog right now has chiggers bites, i'm currently trying to find out what do too. her furs looks like it has tons of small bumps on it, and she is itching a lot. One website said to just wash them and that you can apply rubbing alcohol, my firend said to dab apple cider vinegar on the spots i have not tried any yet we shall see

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