Friday, December 7, 2012

What is the best pet insurance for my boxer puppy?

Q. I am looking for affordable insurance that covers all accidents and illness and maybe some wellness services like teeth cleaning, shots, heartworms, etc, vaccinations. My puppy is already getting his shots this year but im not sure if they are needed on a yearly basis.

A. Pet insurance that covers everything is rarely affordable in my eyes. I also own Boxers and have decided after researching and comparing pet insurance policies available it's best for me to keep a bank account solely for vet expenses. Instead of paying an insurance company a monthly fee I just deposit that amount of money in a savings account ear marked for vet bills. Good luck

What is the best pet insurance company for my puppy?
Q. I just got a 2 month old beagle puppy. What insurance company would be the best for my puppy? And what coverage would I really need?

A. This is the website i used to find the best plan for my then lab x pup. We ended up with tescos, we pay only £8 a month, we got 2 months free, every month when we are charged for the bill we get tesco club card points which means that we can use them against anything ( last time we saved and got a bbq! )
We are covered for accidents and theft of my beloved pup. Vets fees are what i think quite good, anything under £50 and we have to pay anything over and we pay the first £30 and they cover it from then on up to £2,500.

I hope i helped and good luck with fido .x.

.p.s. i too would love to see a pic .x.

What is the best pet insurance for my dog?
Q. She is a 8 month old Shitzu and we want to get her insurance. We live in San Diego, California
Also, is insurance recommended?

A. I have VPI Pet Insurance, and it is great. I paid $300 for the year (slightly more if you pay monthly), and it has almost paid itself off and I purchased it mid-March.

They have a vaccination reimbursement that goes along with the insurance, so depending on how expensive your vet is, you will get a portion of the cost of all needed vaccinations, as well as spay/nueter procedure, microchip, fecal exam, and flea and heartworm meds.

The only thing that isn't good about it, and I think all pet insurance works this way, you have to pay up front, but you get your reimbursment check within 30 days.

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